As part of her MA at Manchester Metropolitan University, Elisabeth Sennitt Clough took 40 credits of elective courses: Teaching Creative Writing and Enabling New Writing. Through tutorials with UK leaders in creative writing education for adults and children, she is fully conversant with contemporary pedagogical/andragogical approaches.

She has taught in schools (all ages and key stages) and has led workshops for adults as part of a three-day creative writing seminar and as weekly ongoing sessions. She is a professional member of the National Association of Writers in Education (NAWE), an organisation that provides full background checks for professional members.

Below are some comments from workshop participants in response to recent workshops that Elisabeth has taken:

‘I enjoyed being in your gentle, calming, soothing energy…I really struggle with my own creativity and I have tried to pen a verse or two in the past although they never amounted to much and I never really felt it deeply like I did yesterday, so I can’t thank you enough.’

Kimberley, Hunstanton, ‘At or Below Sea Level Workshop’

‘Thank you for making me realise that there is a creative writing piece in us all.’

Nikki, Hunstanton, ‘At or Below Sea Level Workshop’

‘It was a hugely enjoyable and rewarding experience for the pupils and I really appreciate your time and enthusiasm.’

Head of English, Wisbech Grammar School

“I recently attended an all-day poetry workshop led by Elisabeth. I found her programme to be well rounded and comprehensive, offering a blend of discussions, exercises and small group writing sessions, with feedback from group leaders and peers. Her workshop was ideal for participants with a strong interest in experimenting with different structures and growing as writers. Elisabeth was highly encouraging of participant efforts, guiding discussions and leading exercises, and has an obvious passion for the writer’s craft. Inspiration for my writing is sometimes a struggle; however, I came away from Elisabeth’s workshop with more enthusiasm and a new insight into how to construct a solid poem” – Graham S

The pupils at Glebe House School thoroughly enjoyed their Poetry Workshop. The resources were really interesting and pupils responded well to Elisabeth’s warm and passionate approach. – Helen D, English teacher at Glebe House School

As a workshop leader, Liz takes her students gently by the hand and leads them through the various exercises with quiet confidence. Not once do you get the idea that you might not be able to do something. Her prompts are excellent and lead the students to unexpected places, yet there is always enough material to write about. Liz has a knack of opening doors to creativity you didn’t know were there. She is a well-prepared, thoughtful writing tutor and I cannot imagine a group whom she would not be able to coax into writing. This is not the first workshop I’ve done with Liz and I find myself looking forward to these experiences every time. I approach them knowing three things: I will be surprised. I will write. I will be safe. – Colette Victor, author of What to Do with Lobsters in A Place Like Klippisfontein.

As part of my ACE-funded ‘At or Below Sea Level Project’, I am running four free workshops. Please email me: atorbelowsealevelproject@gmail for further information.